To Inspire Young Minds

Age-old stories from the ancient scriptures reveal ever-fresh and relevant lessons to readers of all ages. In the entire scriptural library, the position of Srimad Bhagavatam is unique.

Dishing out innumerable enlivening tales of wonderful children like Dhruva and Prahlada, virtuous women like Suniti and Kunti, noble kings like Parikshit and Prithu, wise sages like Vyasa and Narada, and powerful incarnations of God like Rama and Narasimha, The Bhagavatam is a soulful treat, palatable to one and all.

“Bhagavatam Tales” is a delve into these amazing stories, retold by Gauranga Darshan Das in a language that pleases and nourishes young minds with every turn of the page. Experience the episodes come to life as you indulge in rich imagery coupled with foundational values and thought-inspiring activities only to add to the excitement. Find a delicious blend of simplicity and applicability making this paperback a dear friend of every child, a faithful companion of every teacher and the heart of every school’s library.

Taste the nectar as you relish your way through fascinating stories, cheerful illustrations, heartwarming takeaways and practical learnings for you to apply.

Bhagavatam Tales - Book 1

With the Bhagavatam Tales Book 1 in hand, prepare yourself to experience age old wisdom layered with a contemporary touch. This volume begins with the story of Sage Vyasa who wrote all the Vedas and Puranas, and finally Srimad Bhagavatam by the inspiration of Narada Muni. This treatise brings to you 32 stories of great personalities like Dhruva, Brahma, Siva, Sati, Suniti, Vyasa, Narada, Devahuti, Parikshit and more from the first four cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam.

The smooth flow paired with lucid language makes this paperback a feast for the minds of our dear bubbly readers. To top it all up, the vibrantly colored imagery, practical takeaways, and thought-provoking activities are sure to steal their hearts. Let’s equip the young minds with values like compassion, responsibility, forgiveness, positivity, friendship, respect, leadership, gratitude, and so on, through an engaging narration of timeless stories.

Penned by Gauranga Darshan Das, this fusion of simplicity and applicability presents ancient wisdom to the modern needs of readers young and young at heart. A blend that runs beyond your imagination, this book is sure to become your priced possession.

Bhagavatam Tales - Book 2

Bhagavatam Tales Book 1 ended with the story of King Dhruva, who saw Lord Vishnu at the age of five, and reached Vaikuntha after ruling the Earth for 36,000 years. Bhagavatam Tales Book 2, picks up from where we left only to explore 32 more exciting and nail-biting stories!

The episodes of this volume come from the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam as narrated by Sukadeva Goswami to King Parikshit. Relish this volume as you travel through the nectar stream of tales of kings like Anga, Prithu, Pracetas, Priyavrata, Bharata, Indra, Ajamila and so on. To add, the lucid language and colorful illustrations shall definitely enhance your joy of reading.

Apart from savoring these timeless tales, grab some wonderful takeaways on friendship, satisfaction, tolerance, flexibility, respect, and so on from various characters in the Bhagavatam. And last but not least, you will be thrilled to attempt the activities at the end of each chapter. These activities are designed not just for you, but also for your friends and parents. So, make sure to do them and inspire others to have a go at them too. Happy reading!

Bhagavatam Tales - Book 3

Illustrated BHAGAVATAM TALES To Inspire Young Minds – Book 3

Dear young friends, The Bhagavatam Tales series so far, has been able to enthrone itself in the palace of your hearts. Experience time stop as you grab this third volume, dishing out cantos 7 to 9 of the Srimad Bhagavatam across 42 nail-biting episodes, penned by Gauranga Darshan Das; a festival of flavors for the heart and mind.

Experience a perfect blend of sweetness and spice as the magical episodes of child Prahlada, elephant Gajendra, Asura king Bali, the emperors of sun and the moon dynasties unfold. What more, gobble all of this while you find yourself drown in an ocean of nectar, as you marvel the Supreme Lord’s glorious incarnations of Rama, Narasimha, Kurma, Mohini, Vamana, Matsya and Parashurama. With opulent, life-like imagery and triple the fun, getting your hands off this book would be truly difficult! Get imbued with qualities like integrity, patience, inspiration, knowledge, care, cooperation and truthfulness as they organically flow into you with each turn of the page. And last but not least, you will be thrilled to attempt the activities at the end of each chapter. These activities are designed not just for you, but also for your friends and parents.

So, make sure to do them and inspire others to have a go at them too. Happy reading! Narrated by Gauranga Darshan Das in a lucid language, this fusion of simplicity and applicability presents ancient wisdom to the modern needs of readers young and young at heart. A blend that runs beyond your imagination, this book is sure to become your priced possession.




The multi-volumed Bhagavatam Tales fills me with admiration, and also regret. Why during my childhood was such an inspiring publication not available? The textual and visual quality are first-class. Oh, as a child who read encyclo-pedias from cover to cover, if only I had access to such an exquisite production, how my reading smartness as well as my spiritual perception would have both increased.


His Holiness Devamrita Swami

Monk | Author | Educator

alfred ford

I am so impressed with the production of Bhagavatam Tales. It is a most brilliant collection, because all the stories, history, personalities and lessons contained in the original Bhagavatam are now so beautifully presented for our young ones to engage with. My sincere thanks to Gauranga Darshan Das for his effort on this series. Much like his other outstanding publications, I am sure it will be a worldwide favorite and I look forward to reading them to my grandchildren.


“In an increasingly degrading world, today’s teenagers are practically bereft of our age-old values of selflessness, respect for elders, tolerance etc. Gauranga Darshan Das has done an extraordinary service by providing a very interesting and enlightening book for our teenagers. This powerful attempt at providing real knowledge in a most appropriate manner must be commended.


Bhagavatam Tales is an interesting read for children. It depends their value system, helps them develop an authentic understanding of scriptures and rejuvenates their thought process.


Never imagined that the voluminous literature of Srimad Bhagavatam can be made so accessible even to kids. Kudos to Gauranga Darshan Das for making this possible in the form of “Bhagavatam Tales.” He effortlessly imparts vital values in young minds. I urge all parents to gift Bhagavatam Tales to their children.


Bhagavatam Tales is a great collection to a child’s library. It exposes them to profound wisdom in a very child-friendly manner and yet retains the depth of the original text.


Srimad Bhagavatam is a masterpiece in itself and should be available to everyone, especially children who are lacking values. Srimad Bhagavatam, in a very wonderful, sweet, heart-touching and heart-transforming way, is being presented by Gauranga Darshan Das, who is living Srimad Bhagavatam, completely soaked in Srimad Bhagvatam. That’s why he has the highest authority to present the Bhagavatam in such a simple yet comprehensible way. It is certainly a praiseworthy service done by him. I request everyone to kindly impart the teachings of Srimad Bhagvatam through these Bhagavatam Tales by Gauranga Darshan Das.


Bhagavatam Tales is a beautifully illustrated bouquet of children books that will enliven the stories from Bhagavata Mahapurana before young minds that will live with them for life. They will surely treasure and enjoy these pearls of wisdom. These books by Gauranga Darshan Das show us how to bring value education in our school education system as recommended by the new National Education Policy. A most valued possession for children, as well as parents.


The Bhagavata Purana is an ocean of informative, edifying, and enjoyable stories. In Bhagavatam Tales for children, Gauranga Darshan Das has made these stories accessible to younger readers with the added delight of attractive illustrations..


The Lord’s pastimes are sweet, and their meanings deep, which have been revealed so simply and colourfully in the illustrated Bhagavatam tales. Children, open the book and see the blue boy jump into your hearts and stay with you forever.


Interestingly narrated stories help us relate with the characters, and apply the lessons that teach us. The book Bhagavatam Tales is an inspiring read for children & parents. 

kishori dd

By his lucid narration of the Bhagavatam Tales, author Gauranga Darshan Das presents valuable lessons for the younger generation. It’s a great pleasurable experience for children to read Bhagavatam stories in such a simple-to-digest form. While the bright illustrations make the tales live, the activities inspire the readers of all ages.


Bhagavatam Tales is a fascinating book of sacred stories with a lucid language, historical accuracy, fabulous illustrations and engaging activities that inspire and nourish the mind. Kudos to author Gauranga Darshan for this marvellous effort to make scriptural wisdom accessible to younger generation. 

Sumithira Vasu

As a mother and a teacher, I express my deep gratitude to Gauranga Darshan Prabhu for writing the timely book “Bhagavatam Tales” precisely fills the needs of young minds. Whether you have a child who is too young to read, a beginning reader or a fluent reader, parents and teachers can use this book to narrate or read stories with their wards. Most importantly the values and thought-provoking activities at the end of each chapter set the stage for the teacher as to how to teach the story in a way that exemplifies the character trait of the protagonist. Ultimately, we want our children to grow up with impeccable character who contribute fully to their communities, small and large, in a positive and impactful way. What better resource can we have than planting the seed of the wisdom of the Bhagavatam through stories at a young age? Giving the kids space to explore the Bhagavatam in this way with illustrated books, provides a strong foundation to ensure that the Bhagavatam will remain their best friend and guide throughout their lives.