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The Spirit of Cooperation

The Spirit of Cooperation

Without the cooperation of multiple personalities, great things cannot be accomplished. But what exactly is cooperation?

One may think: “I have a certain wish & priorities. I want things to happen in a certain way. So others have to align with my wish, priorities & style of working. That is cooperation!” But the problem is that others also think in the same way!

Everyone expects cooperation from others in this way, but the real cooperation among people is to align their desires, priorities and working styles to attain a higher purpose. And the highest goal is to serve and please God.

So it’s not that you cooperate with me and I cooperate with you. It’s that we both cooperate with each other keeping in center the higher goal of serving God. That is real unity and spirit of cooperation.

While working together to serve and please God, one may sometimes have to adjust with others’ moods, needs, natures, styles, shortcomings and expectations. That is cooperation.

If our goal is to please God, Guru and devotees in general, and individually and collectively we are committed to that goal, adjusting with the time, place, circumstances and people, thats the real spirit of cooperation.

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